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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Earning App Payment is 100% Granted

 This Earning App is 100% paymet by bKash Dutch Bangla and paypal and skrill, neteller there are many other payment methods through which you can Earning USD to money and it is very easy to work here. Just answer the quiz. Answer the quiz. If you want to do it, you can download it from this link. After installing, you must download the app. After installing, you must come to the page to sign up.

If you ask for a referral code when signing up for an account, you must use this 4JA7FL2 code of my referrer. You will receive 100 coins as bonus points, then 100 points will be credited to my account

Then you go to your profile, go to profile, click on edit profile, save profile picture and your name.

You will see many images in this app. This app is basically to give the answer of the image. Quiz system The image that will appear in front of this app. Below the image you will see some English words written in reverse. You will get points

By doing this you will be able to send the payment request only when you have 10 dollars. When sending the request, you have to select your development number and give the correct number, then you will receive your payment within 30 minutes to one hour.

I've received payment a few times I'm still working on a very nice app that pays it right and properly

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